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The most important information about the Musiden technology

Musiden is a field-tested proprietary audio fingerprinting & music recommendation technology. It is one of the earliest patented audio fingerprinting technologies and has an automatic music recommendation engine. Musiden is state-of-the-art technology with a wide variety of application possibilities. Practical uses of audio fingerprinting include identifying songs, music recommendation, cleaning metadata, tracking, licensing, file sharing etc.

Audio Fingerprinting and the Musiden method

An audio fingerprint is a condensed digital summary, deterministically generated from an audio signal, which can be used to identify an audio sample or quickly locate similar items in an audio database.

The Musiden method determines a characteristic data set (“fingerprint”) for a sound signal – the sound signal itself is searched through for characteristic locations, and these characteristics locations are used for producing a characteristic data set. Under the Musiden method, the frequency spectrum is evaluated over a time interval, subdivided into frequency bands, and averaged over each frequency band into a value. The fingerprint then consists of data that has been obtained from these values after possible further averaging, wherein only data is included which belongs to certain time segments.