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Music Recommendation for Android

Muudz running on a Android device

Musiden’s recommendation engine for Android is independent of a connection to a server – which means there is no need for connection to the internet. Based on a fragment of a song Musiden technology can suggest other songs the user might like. The recommendation is automatic , no humans are involved and the recommendation is not based on genre or other user’s preferences, it is purely based on song qualities. Different recommendation variables can be adjusted.

The current Android app scans the mobile phone for songs and includes them all in the Musiden library. While the songs are being scanned in the background the user can already try to create a recommendation play lists or go on and do something else while all the songs are scanned. Depending on number of songs on the mobile phone this may take a while. To create a play lists the users chooses a seed song and Musiden’s recommendation engine then adds similar songs.


Musiden’s Android app is currently in Beta. You can download the App right here: Muudz.apk